Friday, January 16, 2009

Slacked on the menu today but....

I had to work today and I had a pretty busy day anyway so I sort of slacked on photographing my fantastic meals. However, my neice and nephew came to play for a while today. He has celiac and I thought I'd tell you what he brought for lunch because it was stuff I like.

These crackers are great, I think they have a little better texture than rice crackers. I think you can get them at just about any grocery store. There are several flavors, I really like the ranch ones.

Yes, you can eat this brand of taquitos! These are also sold just about everywhere. The chicken and beef are both gluten-free. I haven't found any other brand of frozen taquitos that is gluten-free, but I like these ones so I don't really care. Let me know if you find anything delicious to share!

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