Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunflower Market

Today we went shopping at the Sunflower Market, which is new to our area.  You really ought to see if there's one by you!  It's a famer's market store, so lots of local and gluten-free stuff.  I buy my quinoa there in bulk.  I also like their prices on some mixes and canned things.  They have great produce for awesome prices (not everything, look for what's on sale).  It surprised me, however, that I found whole milk for my baby for $1.69 a gallon!!!  I was planning on stopping at a "regular store" on my way home, assuming that it would be really over priced.  That'll teach me!

Go check it ou!

Against the Grain

One of my favorite places to shop is called "Against the Grain."  I like this store because EVERYTHING in it is gluten-free.  I discovered today that they have a website and you can buy things online if you're not from Utah.  They have the most delicious things!  You can buy the most incredible sugar cookies in the world, with frosting that will change your life!  The cookies and cakes (whole cakes or by-the-slice) have both passed the "Phil-thinks-they-taste-real-test."  A little pricey, of course, but so worth it!  They sell most of the same mixes, pastas, frozen stuff that all the other stores sell.  They also sell lots of "normal" pantry items (dressings, sauces, soups, candy, etc) that maybe you didn't know you could eat.  That's where I learned the fabulous information that I can eat that cheesy brocolli Progresso soup.  Divine.  

They have food storage kits.  Seriously.  And they're really cool!

If you're interested go to the link.  I know you can pick up fresh baked goods at least one day a week and maybe you'll really like it.  Also, they make special order pies and other Thanksgiving delights.

Anyway...Just thought you'd like to know.