Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunflower Market

Today we went shopping at the Sunflower Market, which is new to our area.  You really ought to see if there's one by you!  It's a famer's market store, so lots of local and gluten-free stuff.  I buy my quinoa there in bulk.  I also like their prices on some mixes and canned things.  They have great produce for awesome prices (not everything, look for what's on sale).  It surprised me, however, that I found whole milk for my baby for $1.69 a gallon!!!  I was planning on stopping at a "regular store" on my way home, assuming that it would be really over priced.  That'll teach me!

Go check it ou!


  1. Christi took me to Sunflower Market when I was home for Michael's wedding and it is awesome! I wish there was one here in Indiana, but there's not.

  2. it's me again. I just read your whole blog and it's pretty awesome! I definitely want to try the salsa chicken. That sounds good. I want to try quinoa too, but I'm not sure how Andy will feel about that idea. Anyway, I think you're doing a great thing. Keep it up.