Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cocnut Curry Chicken

A few weeks ago Phil and I went out for Indian food for the first time (Thank you, Trina) and we loved it.  We decided we needed to try more foods we don't eat very often.  Who knows what else we're missing?  This week I decided to experiment with curry.  I was scared, but it went well.  We really liked this dish.  Katie even ate it.  Actually, at first she refused to eat it.  Then we bribed her with a movie or something to try one bite of chicken. After that she said, "Mom!  I can eat all my chicken!"  And she did.  You can find the original recipe here.  I changed a few ingredients (mostly because I couldn't find green curry paste and I could never put a whole onion in any recipe. Ever.) and it worked out great.  I hope you like it, too!

Coconut Curry Chicken

2 chicken breast halves, sliced in small pieces
crushed garlic
olive oil
4 carrots, chopped
3 celery stalks, chopped on a diagonal
1/2 medium onion, chopped
1 can coconut milk
2-3 tsp red curry paste
3 Tb sugar
corn starch to thicken

Stir fry chicken in garlic and olive oil, set aside.  Stir fry veggies and onion in garlic and olive oil until the onions are cooked through.  Combine chicken with veggies in large skillet.  Pour coconut milk over and stir in curry paste, sugar, and corn starch (I did about 2tsp).  We ate this over jasmine rice like the original recipe suggests and it was so so good.  This serves about 4.

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