Monday, March 1, 2010

Girl vs. Food



All day my daughter has been trying to sneak a cupcake.  She gets as far as stealing the whole container off the counter, but hasn’t figured out how to hide it after that.  I told her if she finished ALL of her lunch (peanut butter triangles and a banana) she could have one.  It was so on.  Just like always, she pulled apart her triangles and licked all the pb and jam off, stuck them back together and finished them in record time.  The banana disappeared incredibly fast as well.  When it was time to pay-up, I sliced a cupcake in half and gave her just the top (she usually just licks the frosting off).  She loved it and told me it was “delicious!”  Let this be a lessen to all you non-believers that not all gluten-free food is disgusting. =)


*Cupcakes made from Gluten-Free Pantry’s “Decadent Chocolate Cake” mix and they really are AMAZING!

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